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Flow Measurement

    1. Electromagnetic Flowmeter

      The measuring instrument adopts EEPROM memory to measure operation data, which ensures safe and reliable protection of memory.

    1. Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

      Liquid turbine flowmeter is a kind of precision measuring device. If equipped with hygienic connectors, it can also be used in pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

      It offers the most accurate measurement available for virtually any process fluid, while exhibiting exceptionally low pressure drop.

    1. Thermal Mass Flowmeter

      Our thermal mass flowmeter is engineered for direct measurement of mass flow for gases, without the need for temperature and pressure compensation.


A wide selection of flow measurement devices are available here. To meet clients' varied demands, the parameters of all our flow measurement instruments can be customized according to the specific application demands and the application environments. Contact us now to find your desired electromagnetic flowmeters, liquid turbine flowmeters and mass flow meters.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The electromagnetic flowmeter comes with simple but firm structure, and comes without movable parts. It has long operation life and one year guarantee.
Without fluid flow intercepting parts, there is no pressure loss and fluid clogging.

Vortex Flowmeter

HGVF series vortex flowmeter is a flow measurement solution for gas, liquid and steam in industrial pipelines. When used for volume flow rate measuring, it is immune from the influence of medium density, pressure, temperature, etc.

Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

The liquid flow measurement device is widely used for measurement and control purposes in fields such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, as well as scientific and research. If equipped with hygienic connectors, it can also be used in pharmaceutical industry.

Gas Turbine Flowmeter

HLWQ series gas turbine flowmeter is engineered for flow measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied gas, light hydrocarbon gas, and so on.
Built-in pressure and temperature sensor, high safety performance, compact structure and beautiful outlook

Metal Tube Rotameter

HG5 series metal tube rotameter is also called a variable area flow meter. It is widely used in the processing control of industrial automation, for measuring the flow rate which is changing along with the tube area.

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

Without the need for additional equipment, manual calculations, or estimations, the Coriolis mass flowmeter supports direct measurement of mass flow, volume flow, density, and temperature for liquids and slurries. It has unsurpassed performance even under the harshest operating environments.

Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Our thermal mass flowmeter is engineered for direct measurement of mass flow for gases, without the need for temperature and pressure compensation. It features high accuracy and long term operation stability.The thermal mass flowmeter is a great solution for mass flow measurement for compressed air and process air.

Target Flowmeter

Target flowmeters are fabricated to measure the flow of fluids with high viscosity and low Reynolds number.
Fit for pipes of various diameters: Φ15~Φ2000mm, or larger
Compatible with high and low temperature mediums: -196℃~+450℃
Can work under high pressure environments: 0~42Mpa (gage pressure)

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Due to novel signal digital processing technique, the ultrasonic flow meter is provided with stable measurement signal and strong anti-interference capability. This contributes to accurate flow measurement.
Without moving mechanical parts, the ultrasonic flowmeter has long lifespan, and is maintenance free.

Oval Gear Flowmeter

Our range of oval gear flowmeters can be fabricated from varied materials, such as cast iron, cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, etc. It is an ideal industrial flow measurement solution for industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, power generation, metallurgy, and food processing.

Orifice Plate Flowmeter

Orifice plate flowmeter is a combination of standard orifice plates and multiparameter differential pressure transmitter . It comes with broad flow measurement range, and is compatible with mediums such as gas, steam, and liquids.

V-cone Flowmeter

V-cone flowmeters come with high accuracy, high stability and high turndown ratio. It is compatible with almost all fluids, such as liquids, gases and steam. Rather than common throttling elements with center holes, the flow meter adopts its V-cone body to create throttling effect.

Verabar Flowmeter

Verabar flowmeter is a precision flow measurement solution for gases, liquids and steam. As a kind of flow sensor combining differential pressure and averaging pitot tube techniques, it measures flow by making use of the differential pressure generated by the sensor in fluids.

Vortex Precession Gas Flowmeter

Adopting the latest micro processing technique, the vortex precession gas flowmeter features powerful functions, broad flow measurement range, simple operation and maintenance, convenient use and installation, etc.

Insertion type Vortex Flow Meter

The vortex flow meter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, food, papermaking, and urban pipeline heating supply, water supply, and gas supply industries.

Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

The Doppler Ultrasonic Flowmeter measures liquid levels in a channel by transmitting a pulse of sound from the face of a sensor to the surface of the flow stream of liquid, then measures the time it takes for an echo to return.


The HGDU Doppler ultrasonic flow meter consists of an ultrasonic flow transmitter, ultrasonic flow sensor, and installation accessories.

Production Workshop for Flow Measurement Devices
  • Wire coiling
  • Wire coil assembly
  • External housing welding
  • Counter assembly mounting
Flowmeter calibration