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Temperature Sensor

We provide a full line temperature sensors designed for temperature measurement and temperature control purposes. In addition to an extensive line of standard temperature transmitter, thermocouple, and RTD assemblies, we can also provide custom temperature measurement solutions to meet special requests and application-specific needs.

Thermocouple Assemblies

Supplied with a temperature transmitter, the industrial thermocouple assembly is often used in combination with display instruments, temperature recorders and electronic regulators, so as to offer direct surface temperature measurement to liquids, steam, gases, and solids. Its measuring range spans from 0℃ to 1800℃.

RTD Assemblies

In addition to commonly used IEC standard platinum resistance temperature detectors (Pt100 sensors), we also supply RTD assemblies with sensing elements made from copper (Cu50 sensors).

Armored Thermocouple

As a commonly used temperature sensor, the armored thermocouple supports direct measurement of the surface temperature of liquids, steam, gases and solids, within temperature range of 0℃~800℃.

Armored RTD

The thermowell for our armored RTD is made using stainless steel, and is filled with high density oxidation material to achieve electrical insulation. It offers fabulous antifouling property and mechanical strength, making the resistance thermometer great for harsh environments.

Temperature Transmitter

Temperature transmitters are widely used for industrial temperature measurement and process control purposes in fields such as textile, rubber, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, and food processing.

Head-mount Temperature Transmitter

The head mount temperature transmitter is designed for all HART standard applications. It is compatible with PT50, PT100, PT500 and PT1000 RTDs, as well as thermocouples of type E, J, B, K, N, R, S, and T. That is, it can meet every of your demands on heat mounted thermocouple transmitters or RTD transmitters.

Bimetal Thermometer

The bimetal thermometer is engineered for liquid, steam, and gas temperature measurement within temperature range of -80℃-+500℃. It is ideal for severe environment applications.We mainly provide the following three styles of bimetal thermometers.