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In addition to a wide selection of measuring instruments, we also provide various calibrators, including pressure calibrator,temperature calibrator, current and voltage calibrator, etc. Tailored instrument calibration solutions are available as well to meet clients' individual demands.

Portable Pressure Calibrator

HGFY-68 series portable pressure calibrator is powered by AC220V or DC6V (rechargeable battery). It can calibrate pressure transmitters and pressure gauges using simultaneously pressure and current measurement. It supports simultaneously display of pressure and current as well.

Multifunctional Pressure Calibrator

The multifunctional pressure calibrator features a split-screen display for transmitter calibration. The upper display allows for measurement of voltage, current (with loop power), and resistance of a transmitter. It can also be applied to perform continuity tests.

Current and Voltage Calibrator

The current and voltage calibrator can source voltage, current and frequency.
It supports measurement of voltage, current, loop current and frequency.
Manual stepping as well as automatic stepping and ramping functions are available.
The multifunctional process calibrator supports PC communication as well.

Thermocouple Calibrator

HGTX-2014 series thermocouple calibrator supports output of DC mV and can serve as a thermocouple simulator for simulation of thermocouple outputs.
Voltage, DC mV and thermocouple measurement.
Automatic and manual cold junction temperature compensation for thermocouple.

RTD Calibrator

HGTX-2012 series RTD calibrator is powered by built-in li-ion batteries with ultra-large capacity. It is a handheld calibrator that supports measurement and output of electrical and physical parameters.

Temperature Calibrator

The temperature calibrator can prevent misoperation by offering intelligent jack socket flickering function
It supports indication of battery power, and will automatically shut down when power off.
White backlight LCD display supports using under low illumination conditions.

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