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Recorders and Totalizers

    1. Paperless Recorder, HG81

      Fully isolated universal input enables the data recorder to input a variety of signals. It can be configured by software directly without jumper.


All our recorders and totalizers are designed on the basis of reliability engineering, and undergo over 50 types of strict tests during production. These, coupled with our vast design and production experience in industrial control products, provide our recorders and totalizers with enhanced reliability, long service life, great environmental adaptability and convenient operation.

In addition to a broad selection of standard paperless recorders and flow rate totalizers, we can also meet your application-specific demands by offering bespoke solutions. If you have doubts in recorder and flow totalizer selection, please contact us now and we will help you.

Paperless Recorder, HG23

It can input signals such as standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance, etc. The data recorder also has many other functions, including relay alarm output, transmitter output, flow accumulation, transfer storage of historical data, printing and remote communication.

Paperless Recorder, HG60/61

The paperless recorder is designed with a 5.6 inch 320 * 234 dot-matrix TFT high brightness and color graphic LCD. With LED backlight, the display unit ensures clear images and wide viewing angle.

Paperless Recorder, HG81

The paperless recorder supports storage of historical data due to the large capacity FLASH memory chip. Thus, the data will never loss even in case of power down.
It supports 24-way relay alarm output.

Flow Totalizer, HG56

HGFT-5600 series flow totalizer is produced by automatic chip mounters based on surface mounting technology. It offers high anti-jamming performance. In addition to flow totalizing, it can also serve as a flow measurement and control solution for liquids, general gases, superheated steam, saturated steam, etc.

Paperless Recorder, HG71

Designed on the basis of surface mounting technology, the paperless recorder also features elaborate design in protection and isolation functions, so as to ensure improved reliability and high anti-jamming performance.

Paperless Recorder, HG86

The paperless recorder supports data backup and data transfer via USB flash disk and SD card, with maximum capacity of 8 GB. It is compatible with FAT and FAT32 formats.

Paperless Recorder, HG87

Available with powerful display function, the paperless recorder supports real-time curve display, historical curve retrospection, bar graph display, alarm list display, etc.The paperless recording system is of high cost effectiveness due to its user friendly design, complete functions, reliable hardware quality and exquisite craft.