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Level and Limit Switches

Here you can find a great variety of liquid level switches, including float level switch,displacer level switch, and more. Limit switches for valve status detection purpose are available as well. To suit individual demands, we can also provide our valued clients with custom level switches and limit switches.

Float Level Switch

HGFQ series float level switch is a great liquid level measurement and control solution in all kinds of industrial automation process control. It is extensively used in industries such as oil processing, food processing, chemical engineering, water treatment, pharmaceutical, power generation, papermaking, metallurgy, ship building and boiler.

Displacer Level Switch

HGFL-1200 series displacer level switch is designed and manufactured to meet high temperature and high pressure operation demands. It is designed to meet ANSIB31.1 standard.

RF Admittance Level Switch

The RF admittance level switch supports level detection for variety of materials, such as refined oil, gasoline, conductive mud, etc.
By utilizing varied probes, it can be used for level measurement and control purposes for liquids, powder, large solid block materials, or corrosive materials under high temperature or high pressure conditions.

Tuning Fork Level Switch

HGYYK series tuning fork level switch offers a great solution for tank level monitoring, control and alarm, and it is compatible with a variety of materials including liquids, powders, and granular solids.

Limit Switch

Cast aluminum alloy housing with powder coating ensures aesthetical appearance and reliable quality.
The switch position is clearly indicated by indicators.
The cam is installed via spline shaft and springs, which allows for convenient adjustment without using of tools.