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Water Meters

Hongguang is an experienced water meter manufacturer, located in China. A number of models of cold water meters, hot water meters and super-dry water meters are provided. Bespoke water metering solutions are also available to meet your demands.

Cold / Hot Water Meter, HGDG-15M~20M

HGDG series can be used as either cold water meter or hot water meter. It features mini structure and has eight number wheels.
The dry dial water meter is used to measure the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline.

Cold / Hot Water Meter, HGLC (R) Woltman

With built-in sensor, this range of cold water meters and hot water meters supports remote reading. It is a great water metering solution for cold or hot water passing through a pipeline.

Cold / Hot Water Meter, HGSG (R)-15B~50B

This series are multi-jet water meters for cold and hot water.
As dry dial water meters, they are easy for maintenance.
Magnetic drive ensures high reliability and long service life.
Vacuum sealed register prevents the dial from fogging, and thus the reading is always clear.

Super-dry Water Meter, HGSG -15S~50S

Belonging to multi-jet water meter classification, the HGSG series super dry water meter is easy for maintenance, and meets ISO4064 Class B standard. It is designed with vacuum sealed register to prevent the dial from fogging, thus ensuring long term clear reading.